Monday, July 21, 2014

Google Forms in the First Days of School

Google Forms to Start the Year off Right

Who hates to fill out locker information, get email addresses, and have long lines at your open house having parents sign in (which you usually can't read anyway)?  Make your students and parents do some of the work for you.
  • locker form
    • have students fill out a Google Form with their Locker # and combinations.
    • put the form on desktops of computers in your room the day of sign up
    • put a link to the form on your team website
    • link the form to a QR code
    • when a student buys a new lock, they can simply fill out another form
    • HERE is a template for a locker form
  • open house sign in
    • have parents sign in using electronic form (avoid long lines of parents waiting to enter the room)
    • use a form linked to a QR code (my students love to teach parents about QR codes before open house), shortened URL, or have the form on the desktop of classroom computers
  • other ideas for forms in the First Days of School
    • student interest forms (great way to get to know your students)
    • surveys (technology survey)
    • I use a form that students fill out the first day telling me how they get home

    • collect emails or other information needed

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thursday, May 1, 2014

hAppy Thursday! Notability is free today!

Notability is free today in the App store!
  • usually 2.99
  • great note taking app
  • can take notes 
  • can import document and annotate that document
    • can import from your Google drive or documents on your computere
    • sign contracts
    • highlight or make notes to existing documents

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

hAppy Wednesday! Student Response Systems

Infuse Learning

  • students can use any device with an internet connection
  • can answer
  • you can set up classes (data stored for classes)
  • open enrollment (no need to make class lists)
  • use for quizzes, polls, or to answer questions throughout a lesson
  • has a draw response feature
    • students can draw a picture on their device in response to a question


  • use any device with internet access to answer questions
  • there is an App for teacher and student version
  • multiple choice, true/ false, short answer
  • student joins with code
  • can prepare quizzes or just ask question and get responses

Exit Ticket

  • use any device with internet access to answer questions
  • there is an App 
  • students join class with a code or you can input list
  • multiple choice, true/ false, free response
  • can group students for particular quizzes