Wednesday, November 20, 2013

hAppy Thursday! Smore, and Grade Calculators

hAppy Tech Wednesday! Padlet!

 is a website that has become a big part of my classroom.  Padlet is basically a blank wall that you can put anything on.  You can add files, videos, and links to the wall.  The wall can be made to be private, to be viewed by the public, edited by the public, or you can moderate the posts.

Here are some ways I have used it in my classroom

  • my students posted advice for the next years students
  • student projects
  • I have created a wall of good wishes (kind of like an electronic card that everyone can sign)
  • a wall on that my students put what the were Thankful for (Thanksgiving Wall)
  • I put everything from a unit on a wall, so that students only have to go to one place to find, notes, vocabulary, videos and any handouts for that unit
  • I have even used it to display useful technology websites
  • walls can even be linked to a QR code

Monday, November 18, 2013

hAppy Tuesday! Kahoot!

I have recently started using a super fun website called Kahoot!  This is a free website to conduct polls, play games and administer online quizzes.  My students have loved playing the game.  My students have used their own devices, as well as classroom computers.  Students work individually, or in teams, depending on the number of devices available.  My students are now asking "Is today a Kahoot Day?"  

Kahoot Tutorial 

hAppy Monday

Thursday, November 14, 2013

hAppy Friday!

Just wanted to share a website that I have known about for awhile, but finally decided to try out.   The program is called Infuse Learning.  When introducing new programs with my kids I have a "Fun or Flop Lesson"  During these lessons my students are told that it is an open forum and that we are learning together . I am excited and I will let you know how it goes! Its important to note that when sharing or using something new, especially programs that you are inexperienced in using, that failure is not necessarily a bad thing.  Sure, I might totally fail in my attempt to introduce new learning techniques, but it might also be really awesome.  How will I know, if I don't try!  I encourage you to find something new to try out!  Take the risk!

Infuse Learning Tutorial

hAppy Thursday