Sunday, March 23, 2014

hAppy Monday! Tips for using BYOD in your Classroom

  • Use Devices for More than Just Apps
    • research
    • cameras
    • video cameras
    • stopwatches
    • communication (polling, backchannels)
      • Today's Meet
      • Poll Everywhere
    • assessments (Edmodo, Socrative, Infuse Learning, Zondle, ect.)
    • educational games
    • qr codes
    • translator
    • calendars
  • Be Flexible
    • things don't always go as planned, have a "plan B"
    • sometimes thing work better than you planned and sometimes they don't work out be ready to adapt
  • Be Ready to Learn from your Students
    • sometimes students know more than you about devices, learn from them
  • Keep Parents and Students Informed
    • have a list of commonly used Apps for your parents and students
    • let parents know how devices will be used in your classroom
    • be aware of data plans make sure wifi is being used and students are not draining their data plans as school
  • Have clear guidelines and expectations
    • devices should not be hidden
      • I have students keep devices on their desks face up when being used and face down when not being used 
      • I have a policy, if you abuse it, you lose it.  Students will lose their device privileges if they do not follow expectations
    • make sure to teach students cell phone etiquette

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