Tuesday, March 25, 2014

hAppy Tuesday! Most Used Websites and Apps in My Class!


Zondle (Website and App)

  • game based learning website
  • provides assessment data
  • students love the game interface (many games can be played from one question set)
  • use already created games or make your own
  • reward system that can also be used for behaviors

Groovy Grader (App) or igrader (App)
  • no need to use the old cardboard graders, use your device
Edmodo (Website and App)
  • learning platform I use in my class
  • used for:
    • posting classroom materials
    • quizzes
    • used for turning in digital assignments
    • much more
Padlet (website)

  • virtual wall where content can be shared
  • I create a unit wall with all material for a unit on one wall.  I then share the wall via qr code and Edmodo
  • walls can also be used for students to share ideas.  Privacy setting can be adjusted
Google Drive

  • almost all of my classroom material and presentations are now created within my Google Drive because:
    • can be shared easily
    • you don't have to have microsoft word or other programs to view
    • very easy to add videos, pictures, and links
    • easy to collaborate with coworkers
    • all documents have a URL so I can turn a doc into a QR code
Kahoot (website)
  • classroom responses system (game based)
  • create your own games or use already created games
  • easy to use
  • great for test reviews
  • my students love a Kahoot day!
Smart Seat (app)
  • great seating chart for iPad
  • can use student pictures
  • easily create charts and move students easily
  • able to take attendance and keep notes on students 
  • costs $4.99

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