Thursday, April 3, 2014

hAppy Friday! Adding Videos to Google Presentations!

Spice up a presentation by adding video. Students love to watch video clips to introduce, reinforce, and provide a summary of concepts. I use short video clips in almost every presentation I give. Watch the video below to see just how easy the process is.

Click the link below to learn more!
Inserting Video into Google Presentation

Here are a few reasons I love using Google Presentations for School:

  • all presentations get a URL code
    • makes presentations easy to share
    • I tie the URL for the presentation to a QR code that I display at the beginning of the presentation.  That way students can follow along with the presentation on their own devices. (great for the students that sometimes miss material)
    • edits are live, no need to re-save and send out another copy for corrections

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